Ernesto Caldeira has been a New Orleans and Woodville, Mississippi resident since 1971. Over the years he has been involved in restorations from New York to New Orleans and in 1986 was a co-recipient of the Vieux Carre Honor Award for the restoration of 516 St. Philip Street in the French Quarter. His genealogy of the Davis family appeared in Volume IV of the Papers of Jefferson Davis, LSU Press, and Rice University. It involves his work as a partner in the restoration of Rosemont Plantation, the Davis family home in Woodville, Mississippi, which brought him to the south.

THE PLANTATION WORLD OF WILKINSON COUNTY MISSISSIPPI 1792-2012 which he has co-authored with Stella Pitts, a retired Times Picayune journalist, was released in November of 2013. It is a 316 page, hard cover, coffee table book in full color with histories and stories on over fifty major plantations in that early Mississippi county. It was an all volunteer project in the making for several years and was published by the Woodville Civic Club and the Wilkinson County Museum and was awarded the MISSISSIPPI HERITAGE TRUST AWARD for education preservation at the June 2014 annual meeting in Tupelo, Mississippi.

It can be reserved and/or ordered via PayPal on the museum website at www.historicwoodville.com.

He is active as Executive Director of the all volunteer Wilkinson County Museum in Woodville, recently served as a trustee of the Mississippi Heritage Trust for a six year term, he was a board member of the Friends of the Cabildo in New Orleans for which he won the outstanding volunteer award, and has been on the board of the Vieux Carre Property Owners Resident & Associates Inc.

Prior to coming South he lived in New York City and was in the 1960's Associate Producer of the CBS-TV daytime drama Search for Tomorrow. He has always lived in the French Quarter, where he recently restored a Creole Cottage at 1022 Dauphine Street, and was a co-recipient of the Vieux Carre Honor Award for the best restoration of a townhouse at 514 St. Philip Street.

He has been a top producer for Dorian M. Bennett, Inc. since 1989 and is a Super Star Life Member of the New Orleans Realtors Association. For the last 20 plus years he has consistently ranked among the top 50 or so agents for sales in the New Orleans Metropolitan Association of Realtors annual list with over four thousand realtors.

His focus is on historic properties. He brings a lifetime of business experience and knowledge of the local scene to his active real estate practice.


David Abner Smith is a native of Woodville Mississippi and when he was ten years old he signed up as a junior volunteer for the Wilkinson County Museum as a guide for their big fund raiser that Spring.   That launched a lifetime of community service and involvement.

Ernesto and David began working together at the museum and have been real estate partners for most of the last decade.

David owns a guest-house in Woodville where he received the Mississippi Heritage Trust Preservation Award of Merit and where he has completed several federal rehabilitation tax credit projects. He also works with his family in several catering and restaurant operations in Woodville and in St. Francisville.  David has lived in the French Quarter but currently is living in the CBD.

In the Quarter he is a partner in the highly acclaimed EAT Restaurant, the restaurant Vacherie, and Cafe Conti; and in the last couple of years he has partnered and launched two CBD restaurants on Lafayette Square . . . . .  Between the Bread and Café At the Square.

He graduated from Ole Miss and has served on the Board of Directors of the Mississippi Heritage Trust and has served as Chairman of the statewide jury of the "Ten Most Endangered Historic Sites" in Mississippi. He has served as state-wide Chairman of the Association of Local Historic Preservation Officials and just recently served as a member of the Board of Aldermen for the Town of Woodville. He is past Chairman of the Woodville Historic Preservation Commission and serves on the Board of Directors of the Wilkinson County Museum.

The old expression . . .If you want to get something done give it to a busy person  . . . works for this real estate team.


Call us for the  French Quarter, the Garden District, and for plantations and historic houses in Louisiana and Mississippi!

 Better Days Are Ahead!

 We all feel that we are slowly but surely putting the uncertainty of the sluggish real estate market of the last few years behind us.

Sales are so much better in the French Quarter and Uptown  . . . and Natchez. especially, is picking up as well.

Check our listings . . .Next month we close on Choctaw, that monumental 1830′s Greek Revival in downtown Natchez. It was listed for $890,000.,   . . . .  .   

This year we have closed on a great condominium at 511 Governor Nicholls.  and another charming one at 936 Conti at the Cornerstone , one of the better complexes in the Quarter. We have also listed two fine houses . . .a Creole Cottage at 834 Governor Nicholls for $795,000 and a converted Victorian double at 923 Orleans for $799,000, as well as a mini estate at 525 Madison for $3,595,000.

525 is just about the only contemporary house in the Quarter and it’s a great one. It started out as a warehouse and then years ago became a neighborhood playhouse and gallery, and then about 25 years ago it was converted into a spectacular home with gardens and a separate commercial rental property.

Last Fall we listed quite an historic plantation . . built in 1812, The Briars in Natchez, where Varina Howell and Jefferson Davis were married in 1843. It has 19 acres, several buildings, and 12 B&B rooms and a restaurant . . . and sits high on a bluff above the Mississippi with spectacular views of the river.  

We have several historic homes listed in Natchez and Church Hill.

Whether you are a first time homebuyer or a seasoned veteran we have all the resources you need to buy real estate in New Orleans, Woodville, Vicksburg, or  Natchez.
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